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Relax and Play Time!

Gifts for you and your loved ones, wheeeeee!

"Experience Your

Heaven On Earth

in 5 Simple Steps!"


Are one of these like you?

  • You're living a "good life" but not feeling satisfied

  • Therapy is too expensive, not working, or not an option for you

  • You're an HSP, empath or an introvert who wants to talk to someone who understands you

  • You are overwhelmed and need more zen

  • You're tired of over-thinking and just want simple clarity

  • You are experienced in personal growth but want to access more of your highest Self

  • You're a creative catalyst who wants to reach your next level of manifestation and flow

Or... Do you just have something weighing on you that you'd like to feel better about?

Hello there, my name is Maya and I am so happy that you are here.  I get to live my own personal Heaven On Earth, and I am grateful to be supporting others to enjoy theirs!

What if you could:


  • Feel better about any problem in as little as 3 breaths

  • Get practical solutions to any issue you face

  • Uncover your clarity, purpose, and inner guidance

  • Experience your expanded, infinite aspect

  • Live your own personal Heaven On Earth


Would it be worth 90-minutes of your time to try an experiment?

What is SORTTing It Out? 


To survive a difficult childhood, I had to find ways to help myself and those I loved. As I got older, I didn't just want us all to thrive, I wanted to find out what our greatest capacities are, and experience what could be possible when we access those deepest capacities! 

SORTTing It Out is an integration of years of research, study and practice.  In only one session, you gain access to the keys that have gotten the most powerful results for both me and for my clients. 


Bring me any subject you want to address, and you'll experience a simple 5-step-method to access the profound joy, satisfaction and fulfillment you have always wanted. 

I guarantee it.  




You can join a group call on Wednesdays for $30, or you can book a private SORTTing Session for $125.  However, in preparation for a new SORTTing It Out Course launch, for a very limited time I am also offering FREE SORTTing Sessions on Saturdays, in exchange for recording and distribution rights. 


That means you have three ways you can experiment with SORTTing It Out.  It also means you can try it out with nothing to lose, and everything to gain, just by investing your time. But if you want the free session, you'll want to act fast, since there is only ONE SLOT offered each week.

I've been a professional life coach and counselor since 2001, and worked with thousands of people from all ages and all walks of life.  But you don't take my word for it.  You can trust the 500+ endorsements on Linked In that speak for themselves.  

Here is what some of my clients have said: 

  • "Motivating, caring, inspirational." - Janette M., Georgia

  • "Extremely helpful, very useful!" - Bill B., California

  • "If you feel stuck, look no further." - Steve R., New Zealand

  • "I got a lot out of it. If I could reach through the line and hug you, I would, but…wow. Thank you. Thank you very much." - Carl B.

  • "Very impressive how deep I went!  It morphed from what it normally is into a completely new experience. I love that!" - Katie M., DC


Janette Mowry, Georgia

"...motivating, caring, inspirational."

Bill Batty, California

"...extremely helpful...  very useful paths..."

Steve Robinson, New Zealand

"If you feel stuck...

look no further."

To get started, just choose one: 





If you want to: 

Create new possibilities 

Access your (and others’) full potential

Feel more empowered

Manage tense moments more effectively

Improve your quality of life 

Enjoy grater self-awareness, self-exploration, clarity and confidence 

Life is short, don't lose another precious moment. 

Book your session today!

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