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I Care

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

These words came while I was doing some inner healing work (rescripting).

I hope it moves you as much as it moved me.


I Care

I am sorry that I willfully disregarded your concerns. Your words Your perspectives Your values.

I put my fear and tensions and past pains

above my care and love. My stone autonomy, my might, My stories about being strong and being good and right.

I didn’t listen to you, Respect you Appreciate your view Or integrate your needs. That’s not the kind of leader, boss,

Father, mother, Lover, neighbor, role model, Citizen, partner, steward Authority that I am trying to be.

Because while trying to protect myself, I wasn’t in consideration. Not in my integrity.

I’m very sorry. And I am committed to doing better. To being kind, curious, inclusive, and strong enough to name my fears Not be run by them.

I will be more Aware of both me, And you. I will be more Cooperative Because alone, I’m lonely and bitter. I’m powerless without you.

In truth

while I define me You also define me. And I honestly do Care.

(If it moves you, please share this with someone else who may be touched to receive the care in it. You can do it anonymously if you wish. Thank you.)

Healing Prayers

Photo by Dmytro Lopatin on Unsplash

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