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Heal Wounds by Rescripting Them

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

”Rescripting” is a way to rewrite old painful memories with perfect satisfying ones. Just vividly reimagine the memory as the experience that the heart wanted and needed. Since we feed core values with this practice, I also like to call it, "filling the cup”.

When done with care, rescripting a memory can have a profoundly relieving impact emotionally, subconsciously, and at the subtle body level, so it can also help relax our physical body and mind.

To try your own rescripting:

  1. Identify the memory you'd like to rescript.

  2. What core values (needs) were you craving in that unpleasant memory? In other words, what ideal experience did you wish you could have had there?

  3. In as much detail as possible, re-imagine the memory with the ideal experience. This can be difficult for some people, especially for very difficult memories. Ask for help if you need it.

  4. To see if your Rescripting worked, return to the original memory. If the old memory now seems silly, foreign or matter-of-fact, congratulations on successful work! If the memory still pains you, it's possible there are deeper / more core values that need to be fed. Let's talk and see where we can make the experience more effective, more vivid, or more accurate to the underlying needs.

The past no longer physically exists. So we can choose to heal painful memories by feeding the emotional body what it needed and wanted. Just rescript the moment. For a 60-minute private Rescripting session by Zoom, click here or email Maya - video not required. Free consultations are also available.

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