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Tip 27 - What If....

What if there was a way that, by seeing our Universal Selves, we can come to enjoy Emergent Experience, just as it is, even when we are not enjoying it?

What if a new relationship to the idea of "love" can free us into greater peace, ease and joy?

What if, in this week's Tip For Sanity, we bathe in a wash of imagery and sensations that shed light on the Source Principles behind us, others, and the Universe in general?

What if there was no way to fail?

This week, we explore another way to find greater peace, ease and joy by asking "What If..." about what we love.

What if we Let Love Be, and realized There's No Way We Can Fail?

How might this story go?

How could that work?

Imagine this -

What if we, our ancient ancestor physical lords and gods and our entire universe are naturally synthetic, made by the hands of a primary non-physical architect some call Source, Consciousness, Isness, by means of a primary pulse of willful desire we call Love?

Imagine a pulse like a sine wave, with peaks and troughs. Up and down, much like your breath, in and out, the breath an expression of the desire to live, to Be, to experience...

Imagine in the age before this pulse, there was only the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient All. It's omnipresent because there are no boundaries, only All. It's omnipotent, because it is a plenum, full of all possibilities. It's omniscient in that it includes all that ever could be, in an infinite stillness.

In this age, there is no darkness because there is no light. We actually can't even really describe this First Time, because there wasn't even time yet, only possibilities. Even by using words, we inevitably fail to describe that which is All, because All is by definition everything, and even "everything" is a word, a concept, and the All is beyond words and concepts.

But let's get back to our breath. In the All-ness, something happened. Will. A desire. A sense of wanting "something else" maybe?

Maybe it was a blip of self-awareness. I Am.

I Am.

I Am.

Stillness. I Am. Stillness I Am. A pulse, like a wave on the stillness.

But just like a sine wave, this first pulse has both peaks and troughs. A peak of "I AM" instantaneously conjures another wave, a counter wave, a wave that starts as a trough called, "Am not"". After all, there is no boundary, so Am I or Am I not?

So like two snakes entwining, or like the DNA double helix, upon the stillness were dancing wave patterns, pulses of some Will, some Desire to understand its own Beingness, called "I Am" and "Am Not".

The thing about waves, is they repeat. Just like when we think about something over and over, such was Source Consciousness back in the day - Am? Stillness. Am not? Stillness Am? Am not? Am? Am not?

What if I Am? What if I Am Not?

How could One definitively know if I Am or Am Not? One might feel desire in this double-helix eternal question. One might want a mirror to see if I Am or Not. But there are no mirrors in the Eternal Before All. That's a quandry.

If I Am, is there Other? If there is, then that would solve the Am/Am Not question! I can prove I Am because Other also exists, I perceive other, therefore I must be!

Suddenly in this wave replication, the Idea of Other emerges, and in the Coupling of Am and Am Not a coherent third manifestation is birthed into the waters of undulation. Now we have Am, Am Not, and Other!! Peak, Trough, nodal point!! The convergence of two waves yields a new spark, a new coherence. The holy trinity.

This new perpendicular undulation, the nodal point and its impulse, is fascinating, because it can wave from outside the I Am / Am not wave. It has new perspective. It can "step outside" (with no feet of course), and says, "Look at that over there! Wave is! I wave! Therefore I Am." (Thoughts are waves.)


Now imagine eons of Peak, trough, node. Replication. It's only thanks to this undulation of desire, the will to answer the To Be or Not To Be, or to understand, or to have a mirror or an other to confirm one's existence, it's only through this outreaching yearning that the waters and the Other arose from the Stillness.

And the nature of replication of waves gave movement and undulation to the Darkness let's think of it like waters undulation.

And just like water, with lots and lots of waves and pretty interference patterns and sudden convergences of waves that double in size (they call them "Rogue waves" hahaha), more and more complexity ripples within the waters of The All.

And in this fantastic rippling - ripplistic rippling - of wave dynamics - we have time. Certain blips happen before others. Am/Am not occurred before Other. Or they all occurred together, depending on your perspective.

None-the-less, ripples and waves and undulations criss-crossing make even more complex forms of ripples and waves and undulations. Some of these swirl together, like the original double-helix coiling in on itself, Am, Am Not. Soon we have more complex swirls, like whirlpools of thought converging.

Am / Am Not is simply information - like binary 1 and 0.

These waves of information converging to larger and larger coherences and interference patterns rendered sound, light, geometries and particles In-formation.

Information In-Formation

The code of Creation, set forth by a single pulse of Will, or Desire, set our one song (uni-verse) in motion in one simple recipe:

Step 1 - impulse(I am)-pulse(am-not)/replication

That's it.

Some mystics say the I Am and the Am Not are the undulation/creative principle and the agentic individuation principle. Some call this the "mother/father God", the first Being on the Stillness.

In any case, "Am Not" is like an 'away' function, and remember the nature of the I Am function wants to come together with another, to confirm itself by virtue of the companion of other, communion, reflection. So we have the archetypal masculine/feminine type dynamics, the start of psychographic types, the beginning of a Beingness that is derived from the whole, made of the whole, in itself perfect yet not The Whole.

Some call this the "fall from Grace". But there was nothing "wrong" with original impulse, it just Is. Likewise, there's nothing wrong with original "toward/away", it's just the peak/trough of a sine wave, no different than breathing in / breathing out.

The wonderful thing about the Am Not, is that the recipe for creation has a natural ingredient deriving mutation. Wherever there is a left, suddenly there is a right! Wherever there is a forward, now we have a backward too! One cannot create anything without a many and a nothing, all at the same time!

In science, we call "am not" a "mutation", or evolution. If we push a mutation from the Am Not back to the Am, we call it "repair".

So the recipe of creation coiled and waved and spiraled itself into Being.

Step 1 - impulse(I am)-pulse(am-not)/replication

Step 2 - mutation + coherence = geometries, phi-fractal coherences, mutations and repairs.

That's all it took to create whirlpools of cohering and radiating creation and destruction.

All of this, arising from a primary impulse, a will, a desire.

Let's call that primary impulse, that first function of curiosity asking "I Am? Am Not?", let's call that primary function, "Love"".

Image credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). License: (paraphrased) "Material was created, authored, and/or prepared for NASA under Contract NAS5-26555. No claim to copyright is being asserted by STScI, and material may be freely used in the public domain. It is requested that any subsequent use of this work NASA and STScI be given appropriate acknowledgement. STScI further requests voluntary reporting of all use, derivative creation, and other alteration of this work to"

Image credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). License: (paraphrased) "Material was created, authored, and/or prepared for NASA under Contract NAS5-26555. No claim to copyright is being asserted by STScI, and material may be freely used in the public domain. It is requested that any subsequent use of this work NASA and STScI be given appropriate acknowledgement. STScI further requests voluntary reporting of all use, derivative creation, and other alteration of this work to"

When we realize that all undulation, wave, thought, and all of creation is made up of vibration, wave, thought, impulse, sound (waves), light (waves), atoms (coherences of waves and spiraling spinning) then we realize something extraordinary -

We are made of Love.

We are an emergent coherence of impulse and wave and contradiction and cohering particles and breath. We are made up of the All's desire (Love’s will) to Experience, inForm (and enForm), and de-Form (and deform, also part of mutation and experimenting with experiencing).

As cells in the body of the All, we are each unique in the face of our Love, and each made up of a fundamental will and capacity to express Love. Your name is Love, and the shape of your expression and embodiment is your soul fingerprint, a whirlpool coherence of thoughts, feelings, actions, and the Source that we most deeply are.

Thanks to permutations of evolution, as individual whirlpools, we each embody a different orchestration of Type dynamics, undulating in the hands of time.

So some of us are dark in Love’s expression, some are Light. Some are quiet, some loud. Some are tactile, some verbal, some visual. In our myriad type dynamics, some whirlpool combine, some repel.

All of these permutations are Love's expression of curiosity, desire, exploring Experiencing. You, and everyone and everything else too.

And even with all of our whirlpool shape differences, as infants we are all born with a fundamental drive to reaach out and touch each other, to express and contribute our joy, our unique shape of Love, which is then also shaped more by our environments, our genetic dispositions, our native preferences, our limitations, the food we eat, and so much more.

Your name is Love, and you are known for the way you act on that Love, and we are all taking different shapes of acting on our Love.

And we all need each other.

In this pulse undulating in-formation field of Source Isness expressing Love’s Will in-formation to individual whirlpools of desire and will, we get to experience the electrical impulses of system feedback called feelings.

Pain, pleasure, and grief are our sign posts to help point our attention back to our underlying core values and needs, just like we explored in previous articles.

Our capacity to express those feelings and needs in their simplest, original form, without interpretation or projection, with requests that generate that love in the moment, this is our power to render Love into Action.

To the degree that we partner with Love, Source and Our Limitations, we can become powerful conductors in a grand play of characters laughing and crying, theater masks on the face of Loves Universal stage.

Like it or not, we are the vesica Pisces interface between the physical and the non-physical, science and alchemical magic, the divine and manifest.

Awake to our nature (made up of Source) and masterful at seeing the Love (desire, yearning) behind every one of our emotions and actions, we can reMember our deepest Selves, and more effortlessly embody the Source Love that is at the heart of our individual whirlpool-fingerprint. No longer are we entirely swept away by the pleasure and the pain of the body, now we're in on the joke.

Awake to our nature (made up of Source), and masterful at locating the faces of Love that underly all creation, we can be mischievous, conscious co-creators with Nature, collaborative orchestra conductors in the Great Play, generative Creators of Love on Earth and beyond, stewards of our physical world, able to nurture, redirect and nourish Creation of which we are a part and apart from.

We also have the power of our own immolation in our hands. Scientifically and technologically, our continuing micro-experiment in the infinite reaches of Space invites us to spiritually, emotionally and interpersonally awaken to the Love that we Are, and the Love that Is, even in all its many shades, so that we may lead and follow the unconscious Love-in-formation that is our universe, and support Nature and each other.

To that end, these 27 Tips are a kind of gift, a bridge between the modern ego and the Higher Self, to help simplify through the evolved distortions so that we may each return again, like babes, to reMember and en-joy the Love that we Are, and that others Are, so that we might more powerfully express it, and help each other to express it, and render even more of that Source Love in-formation, Love in Action, on earth as it is in Heaven.

We may awaken, or we may sleep. It’s all a construct of Source Love. You can relax, lay back, we are held in the cotton-hands of Source Love, we are loved and of love, as love, awake or asleep. Like a stumbling toddler learning to walk and run marathons, we are oak sprouts only beginning to take our true Love’s form. And like a stumbling toddler, there is no wrong in the stumble, only learning.

Image Credit: Amy Kuperinsky | NJ Advance Media for

Image Credit: Amy Kuperinsky | NJ Advance Media for

So in this sense, there is no way you can ever fail. You can relax, knowing you are doing your best, knowing you are a whirlpool made up of waters that undulate with an expanse beyond our deepest imaginations.

In this knowing, we can surrender into the arms of the pulse in-formation that we call reality.

No matter what, in the meantime, with time, these short-lived physical bodies of ours will disintegrate into the earth, our energies all that remains, only to be re-combined in the Great Play and re-formed as another face of Love. And oh! the many, many layers of the Great Play that our limited physical apparatuses are not equipped to perceive!

And when we are ready, the ancients tell us about the 108 exits from the pulse-illusion-dream that is our electromagnetic brain experience. The Sri Lankan star gates give us neon signs for when we're ready to emerge out of the petri-dish matrix of our 3D-reality and join into conversation with our technologically advanced makers and the Great Fabric at large.

And in the meantime, for now, we laugh and sleep, cry and grieve, eat and shit. It’s not personal, it’s universal and we are but whirlpools in the magnificent, undulating ocean of All that is Love.

All is Love. The pulse. Can you feel it? Yes/No?

And so It Is.

What if...?

Heart and Soul Nebulae - Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

Heart and Soul Nebulae - Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

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