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7 Tips for Multidimensional Magic

Do you think magic is a myth?

The universe gifts all of us with subtle advantages, like having a knack for something. I have a friend who has a knack for free food and parking spots. Everywhere he goes, people offer him free meals, free boxes of baked goods, end-of-day cookies, all without his asking. If all the parking spots are full, he doesn't worry, because just as he pulls up inevitably someone will pull out and he can slide right into the parking spot. I've seen it happen over and over again, first-hand. Some have a knack for the lottery; a NC woman recently won it 2 times in 1 day. A Virginia couple won the lottery 3 times in 1 month!

What do you have a knack for?

Would you like to enhance your ability to realize magic in your life?

Certainly there is a science to the art of deliberately manifestation magic.

Here are 7 tips to help you begin to connect with the science of the multi-dimensional, and deepen your knack for magic, starting today.

1. Think of all reality in terms of vibration and spin. Nothing is what it seems. Atoms are simply coherent clusters of spinning, like a whirlpool in the ocean. A whirlpool isn't actually separate from the ocean, we just call it a separate name because of its local behavior. Take away the spin, and it's just ocean again. Whirlpools aren't actually solid, but they can do serious damage anyway. Subatomic particles are not solid either, they are simply smaller coherent clusters of spinning. The same is true for quarks, gluons, and other subatomic particles. As far as we can tell scientifically, the only thing we know to exist in our material, 3D reality, is vibration and spin.

2. Think of your mind like a vibration-maker. The mind thinks in waves. Science has names for these wave forms, like alpha, beta, delta and theta waves. Napoleon Hill taught that, "Thoughts are things." We know that our thought waves can interact with and influence the waves of physical matter (ex: the placebo effect actually works, or sDr. Emoto's work with water crystals). There's even new technology that makes use of this principle, allowing you to control devices just with your thoughts (ex: Emotive EPOC, MUSE to control your iPhone, or NeuroSky MindWave). When you accept that your electro-magnetic vibration-maker (ie: your brain) can actually be used as a tool to influence reality, you're on to something powerful.

3. Think of your emotions (your heart) and imagination as the control board for your mind waves. The ancients taught a lot about this. "If you have faith, and do not doubt," said Jesus, you can walk on water or ask a mountain to throw itself into the sea. However, most of us have terrible self-control when it comes to our minds and emotions. Native American rain dancers made use of this "magical" power. They would focus their imagination, emotions and yearning on the task of experiencing the rain as if it had already happened. They would focus on the smell of the wet dirt, the sound of the downpour on the earth and the sweet feeling of warm rains pouring over their face and hands. They would allow themselves to drop deeply into the revery, the trance of this imagining - vividly feeling it as if it had already happened. This is different than a simple thought-based affirmation. Often people who practice affirmations do not have all their ducks in a row. If part of you says, "I attract abundance," but part of you is unresolved with doubt, then your 4D imagination is scattered, and can only manifest scattered outcomes. Focusing your mind as the native Americans could, for a minimum of 20 minutes of uninterrupted basking in the outcome you desire As If it has Already happened, takes practice. Most of us don't even sit still for 20 minutes for anything except Netflix. We discuss more about 4D (subtle body) powers and practices in previous articles.

4. Think of all yearnings, all desire, as Love (heart). Love is the only force that is capable of creation in the universe. When the native Americans rain dance, they are not complaining about the lack of rain. They are focused unilaterally on the love of the rain that they "feel, smell, hear," as if it is already falling. What you love, you amplify. What you focus on, you attract more of. If you focus your attention on all the ills in the world, you will train your brain to look for and to see more of that. It's called Confirmation Bias. Try focusing instead on what you love. What do you love? What experiences are you yearning for (this is also a face of your Love). Focus on what you DO want, not what you don't want. In Hermeticism and in the Kabbalah, creation is described as the undulation (wave) of God's Love (desire) in the stillness of nothing. "Let there be light," is a literal expression (thought wave) of desire - let it be so. Light is a wave. All creation as we know it was rendered out from that one act of Love. It's said that we were made, "in the image of the Creator". We all have this 5th dimensional creative Spark within us. When you focus on your love, ask for things you desire from within your love, and act unilaterally from within your love, bring that creative Spark into action. In doing so, you are a vehicle for Source Energy itself, manifest through you. When you work with your 4D rain-dances, be sure they are coming from your Love.

5. Think of magic this way - it's simply 5D to 4D to 3D. Love, imagined without contradiction, manifests into the world as we experience it. Some say we live in a Matrix, a simulation. Some say we are made in the image of God, therefore we have a spark within us that is capable of manifesting our Love into Creation itself. The Alchemists called this Transmutation, and philosophical alchemists understood that the 'magic' being rendered in the 3D required emotional, psychological, and spiritual ingredients. As we bring our Love into Creation, we are alchemists.

6. Remember that you are only one creative center within an ocean of creative centers. Maybe you love the idea of peace on Earth. However, like the yin/yang symbol, Nature (Consciousness Herself) operates in terms of counter-balancing forces, a trinity of Is, Is Not, and Stillness. What you think should Be, someone else thinks should not be. Remember that all three - is, is not, and stillness - are essential, and you will make choices that respect and are more congruent with Nature. Nature can rise to meet you only when you are in line with Her Laws.

7. To strengthen magical skills, start with something smaller. Maybe you love the idea of a new car. Maybe you are working on your practice for rain dancing the new car into reality and it hasn't happened yet. Remember the ocean around you, it is possible it's coming, and it's possible you have inner conflicts that are unresolved about the new car (fear it'll cost more in insurance, or fear that others will be jealous, etc.). If the thing you have been rain-dancing isn't manifesting, practice on something smaller. Maybe focus on manifesting pennies on the sidewalk or flowers or donuts. As you get better at effectively rain-dancing things into your experience, you can upgrade your practice.

One group of people I know got so good at this practice, that they decided to come together and see if they could apply it to something large, like feeding the hungry. They succeeded, and continue to succeed today. To learn more, look up Werner Erhardt and The Hunger Project.

Just remember, there's more magic in you than you may realize.

By focusing on bringing the vibrational power of the 5th dimension (creative spark of source) into the 4th dimension (of your imagination), you can influence the 3rd dimension (of your physical reality). Whether this is by direct impact or indirect impact, so long as your love is rendered into reality, does it really matter how it works?

I look forward to the stories of how you have enjoyed your creative magical powers bringing your love into action.



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