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Ending or New Beginning?

I hope you enjoyed this free series!

Is this the end of the road, or a new beginning?

Well, let's recap first -

We've covered a variety of practices and uncommon ways of thinking and being that help us connect more easily to our Higher Selves:

- 2 paths of pain - replacing duality consciousness, blame, shame, guilt, with needs awareness - generative requests - practices for relieving grief and enjoying deeper celebration - prepaving and rescripting - SORTTing It Out, and much more

Some of the core principles described in these practices and articles include:

1. Meet your own projections (things you believe to be true about the other) with curiosity, no matter how “sure” you are about what you “know”. We simply don’t know what we don’t know. If you have a story about someone that bothers you, SORTT out what your core value is. Make your request. Talk less. Ask more questions. Speak more slowly.

2. Sometimes the pain body wants to cling to cold pricklies: anger, grudges, enemy images, stonewalling, and hoarding our love. It can feel self-righteous, but it doesn't help resolve anything. Be willing to melt cold pricklies with warm-fuzzies. Three ways you can offer warm fuzzies: - Acknowledge the other's concern, "I can appreciate the value in what you're saying." Name their core value, and be with them silently about it. - Be willing to de-escalate yourself despite the others' behavior. Tell them something you sincerely like about them. - Name your core value and ask for the others' help to find win-win solutions.

3. Sometimes the pain body wants to chronically avoid any confrontation or conflict. Drinking, drugs, dodging conversations, fidgeting with our devices and treating people as disposable commodities are ways we embody an unwillingness to iron out wrinkles together. Try the practices in articles 006, 008, 010 and 011 to mediate and integrate multiple sets of needs into win-win solutions.

4. Don't reprimand or ridicule someone's behavior, make a doable-request instead. Direction, not correction. For example, instead of saying, "you're not listening", try, "could you tell me what you hear I am requesting?" Instead of telling a child, "Don't eat that cookie!" Try, "Cookies after dinner. If you're hungry take an apple. Now go finish your homework please." Direction, not correction.

5. Temper dogma with moderation. Maybe. Sometimes. Some people. Remember the story about the farmer and his son. *** link to Minchin the fence

6. Translate rackets, stories, projections, blame, etc. into needs awareness & personal requests. Help others to translate their stories and experiences into their needs and their requests.

7. Remember that sometimes the most powerful healing, comes from within. By engaging our expanded subtle-body aspect, we can use the wisdom that "thought are things" to our advantage to shapeshift the plastic-universe illusion that we experience. Examples of subtle-body practices included:

- Fill the cup - Sit in the fire - So what then what - Rewiring the brain/alchemy - Rain-dancing already being with the experience we want

To reach for our vitality, we need to be willing to let go of cold-pricklies and reach for the warm fuzzies. We need to be willing to just try, a little bit, to dismantle our own dogmatic walls and build bridges with win-win solutions made up of mutually inclusive core values and doable requests. We need to be willing to see the innocence behind actions we don't like, so that we can collaborate with others toward win-win solutions.

Doing this, we eventually begin to see and to appreciate even beyond our own preferences. We begin to see the inherent beauty and Divine Face of all of Creation, just as She Is, warts and all.

These practices liberate us into increased lightness, deeper compassion, less constipation resolving pain and grief, greater sensitivity to super-human capacities and a connection to more intimacy with ourselves, each other, nature, the planet and greater creative consciousness. These practices free us from fear, liberating us into the Higher Selves beyond mortality and pain, into the Immortal Selves that we Most Deeply Are.

Ultimately, none of it is what we think it is, it is an illusion of our limited electro-magnetic mind processors. It’s just electrical signals registering a cacophony of pulses that get filtered into reductionistic perceptions and projections limited even further by genetics and personality psychographics.

It's The Dreamer's dream.

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a Dream."

The more we connect with our shape within the greater body of Nature, the more we feel Nature's somatic waves rising up to meet us.

Reality is an orchestra of cymatic coherences, ripples of influence in the field, interference patterns criss-crossing, cancelling, and creating apparent rogue waves and patterns.

And as the observer begins to identify both As a local toroidal coherence And as One with the Fabric of Nature Itself, we can see the paradoxes and variations of Creation all as perfect properties of Nature rendering light, its Divine Face, with us as whirlpools in an ever experiencing, ever greater interconnected ocean.

And as we do, slowly, we begin to outgrow our preferences.

And if you just don't get it, try back at article 1. ;) New beginning? ;)

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

With hugs and many blessings, Maya

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