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Beyond 3D

So we're in the final stretch of Tips For Sanity. So far, we've been very grounded and practical. For example - When we talk about doable requests, or applying The Handshake Song, we're talking about 3D communication skills that translate love into action.

However, we've also walked a bit into the realm of the intangible, the non-physical. For example, when we use the practice of Filling the Cup, we're engaging the subtle body, let's call this a 4D practice.

For the rest of our Tips, let's explore more in the 4D and 5D realms. Because the more we recognize patterns echoing in nature (such as archetypal type dynamics from previous articles, or the core values and inherent pros/cons in all things), and the more bricks we shed with the practices in these articles, the more we awaken and liberate our sense of transpersonal phenomena.

Transpersonal phenomena might include a sense of myself (the I) beyond this lifetime, or telepathy (my dad used to call it the 'psychic pager'), that quiet inner guidance, or experiencing life moments in flow with grace/synchronicity.

Have you ever had shamanic dreams? Have you ever heard or felt the subtle communication of plants and animals? Have you ever had odd experiences with wild animals, and wondered if there was a higher meaning to these experiences?

In the human bodymind experience, we have access to a felt sense of Higher Self as a cell in the greater organism of Creation. We can close our eyes and feel outward, and feel the local personality not as a human having a spiritual experience, but as a spiritual being having a human experience.

More and more, we might identify as a Soul in a bodymind complex. As above, so below, we embody and reflect Creation.

Here are a few questions that might help you connect more deeply to this felt sense in yourself:

- In a previous article we did the subtle body expansion practice. Have you continued experimenting with this? What uncommon, unconventional experiences do you have when you drop into these expanded states?

- Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? If not, maybe explore a binaural beat app for your phone and try one a few times.

- Have you ever heard a tree communicate back to you? From the expanded state of no-mind that we practiced in previous articles, stand beside a tree (one that is at least 10 years old). Feel gratitude for the tree's generous gifts of beauty, home to birds, shade, and oxygen that sustains us. Then quietly listen, watch, feel. Stay with the tree at least 20 minutes this way. What do you notice?

If these options don't work for you, find the space of where your love lives, and feel outward from there.

I was surprised once when, doing this with a gemstone, I found that even certain stones radiate specific frequencies that they lovingly want to give. These frequencies can be so nourishing for the subtle body, as giving as a loving friend, just as physical nourishment can nourish us when we are able to break it down vibrationally and electromagnetically and receive it into our systems.

May you enjoy the wonderful destruction of having the ego melt into the vast expanse of Love that is Creation, and feel the undulating universe of nourishing frequencies all around us - plant, animal, mineral.

And as always, if you want these experiences and aren't having them, feel free to schedule a coaching cycle with me.



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