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Gifts for you and your loved ones, wheeeeee!

June Raffle Winners

Congratulations to this month's Free Coaching Raffle winners!

- April Martin

Two raffle winners did not accept their prize before the 7-day deadline, and forfeit their winnings to be passed on to someone else. Two more raffle winners have been notified (I'll update this post when the June prizes have been accepted).

As usual, this month's raffle winners will receive a free consultation, and a free coaching hour. Everyone who enters the raffle gets 27 Tips For Sanity, free!

Thanks to everyone who played! Be sure to enter again for another chance to win!

As a Thank You to those who hosted us at Crystal Visions in Hendersonville NC, raffle participants were given a FREE extension, providing our NC friends yet another chance to win Free Coaching.

If you'd like to enter our Coaching Raffle, click here.

Good luck!

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