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Your Divine Face

Well, hello again ;)

We're now up to article 22 of the series. We've SORTTed It Out, we've become adept at clearing the mud from the windshield of the human experience so that the Divine Spark can express more fluidly.

And now we are all masters of experiencing all human activity in terms of core values, right? We can even resolve most personal issues in as little as 3 breaths (or 20-90 minutes for tough issues).

So with this under our belts, by now I think you'll be starting to see what I see:

- Triggers are simply either a.) opportunities to uncover personal core values (needs) and resolve old wounds and/or b.) opportunities to integrate a deeper voice of love that has not yet been integrated

- The more we live a resolved life, the more "needs" fall away, and the more resilient and dynamically adaptive we become

- The more completely we perceive core values, the more consistently we see the Face of the Divine in ourselves, in others, and in Creation around us.

We can now recognize and chuckle fondly at the silly, predictable puppetry of our own personality complex. We find ourselves more and more able to lean into the Sacred Theater of it all. We have peace with integrating the Darkness, so we can lovingly and gently laugh at ourselves with joy and appreciation.

With our insights into core values and type dynamics, we also begin to recognize patterns echoing in nature: the divine masculine and divine feminine as the archetypes play out from within each of us and in nature.

We begin to experience the fractal Nature of Nature - that core values are simply aspects of the larger-scale Source, Nature, consciousness, playing out on a smaller, local scale.

ReMembering the Higher Self from within the local bodymind complex, we can more frequently and consistently recognize the echo of consciousness (the spark of God) in every moment, in every person and thing.

We begin to experience how personal desires for both freedom and communion are simultaneously phenomena of omission (our momentary forgetting that we are part-and-parcel of infinity), and also a recursive function of omnipresent consciousness, expressing.

Having come through the fire of grief and the futility of life in an imperfect world, we are born into a love beyond our preferences, cherishing the fleeting, short-lived sweetness that is our flawed existence.

And without effort, we find tranquility, rest and stability even in chaos, because we feel the threads of core values and archetypes as they play out within and around us. We might even surrender to the current of sadness for a few moments at a time, the way a child might close their eyes and bask in waves lapping in from the shore. We still feel the texture of pain or grief, but we are not destroyed by it.

In this article, and in the remaining Tips For Sanity, we move beyond a perception limited to simply egoic functions and now observe and navigate with those functions in partnership with a newly stabilized conscious reconnection with Source and Higher Self.

And, as Alan Watts says, the mountain begins to walk us up it.

Congratulations. The road has not always been fun or easy, but now we can grab a beer (or wine, or tea, whatever you want) and delight even more in the myriad colors on the tapestry of life's creations.

I bow to the divine in you.


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