6 Practices for Deep Subtle Healing (Part 3/3)

In the last 2 articles we explored ways to use the body's biochemistry and subtle aspect to contribute to deep, permanent trauma healing. The final two practices are for creative practitioners with very open minds.

These practices are "Sacred Theater" and "Post-orgasmic Personal Suggestion".

Post-orgasmic Personal Suggestion

In this practice, we use the highly-suggestible state of relaxation and endorphins from orgasm to rescript even deep traumas. By correlating the pleasant biochemistry with rescripting the trauma, some clients have found resolution of lifetime and childhood traumas in as little as a few minutes.

To try this practice on yourself, set an intention. What would you be, feel or do if you were no longer impacted by that trauma? Set a mental intention for that. Commit to resolution and release.

Next, prepare an image for yourself: instead of the trauma you experienced, imagine an alternate universe happened in those moments, a universe where your needs were fed, where you experienced what you would have liked, maybe one where you received care and support instead of the experience you had.

Once you have that alternate situation in mind, bring yourself to the state just before orgasm. Bask as long as you can in the imagery of your alternate universe situation, as vividly as you can. Visualize what you see in this situation. Hear the sounds and words as vividly as you can. Feel the sensations, as vividly as you can. What else do you see, hear and feel? If you feel a need to cry or burp, let it flow, this is a sign of release. Come back to your alternate universe scenario, and feel, hear, see as much detail as you can. For as long as you can sustain it, hold your pre-orgasmic state along with this visualization. As you orgasm, continue to see, feel and hear this imagery. Let your body drift in the post-orgasmic state, savoring even more of this experience. Breathe it in, drink it in, let the new experience fill every pore of your body. Let your mind and body go quiet. Rest. The work is done.

Sacred Theater

"The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth."

- Albert Camus

Many mystics tell us that our experience of reality is not only extremely limited, it's downright absurd. Some say that all acts of will are insanity.

In the practice of Sacred Theater, we selectively amplify and exaggerate uncomfortable or unwanted (triggering) experiences (within a private, non-judging, safe container) as an act of play, love and embrace, until the experiencing reaches its absolute absurd silliness, and we get the relief from that silliness.

For example, a client once felt insulted by people telling him he talked too much. We did a Sacred Theater conversation about the insult. Instead of "you talk too much," he embraced and amplified it to, "I am the most extreme talker in the world." This statement still felt stinging to him, so he amplified and leaned into the challenge even more, "I am super-hyper-talky-man!" Suddenly he burst into laughter, imagining his Super Hyper Talky Man cape and outfit. After he finished laughing about the absurdity, he calmed. He realized he just wanted to contribute to others' well-being, and that maybe he could try comedy or speaking engagements as a way to channel his energy to contribute. He realized he had an opportunity to be more awake to the body language of those around him. He realized he could ask more questions and use fewer words when he spoke. He also felt at peace about his "super-hyper-talky-man" aspect, because he found loving embrace and play with it instead of shame or denial.

In the same way we turn our backs momentarily to the sun to locate the rainbows hiding in the rain clouds, sometimes meeting darkness face-on is a powerful path to uncover the warm, radiant spark of light within us. The tickle of the gift hiding in the dark can be a source of "delight".

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer."

- Albert Camus

So in these 6 practices:

- Filling the cup - Rescripting - Sitting in the fire - So what, then what? - Sacred theater - Post-orgasmic self-suggestion

...we have explored practices we can use, in addition to SORTTing It Out, to permanently resolve wounds or trauma, and uncover the spark of creative light, the divine face, the fire of radiant sunshine within each of us.

May we all find the peace, joy and fulfillment we seek, both in the daylight and in the darkness.

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