Circular Breath Practice

What is circular breath practice in meditation?

This Taoist breathing practices cultivates grounded stillness while improving oxygenation in the body.

You can use it to help you relax (it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system). You can use it to reconnect to your deepest self in a moment of stress. More advanced practitioners use the practice to circulate energy (Qi), which helps in detoxing, improving circulation and healing. It gently massages and wrings out internal organs. Beyond ourselves, this practice can help us tune into a greater body of energy in the universe.

The basics of meditation can be felt here:

From there, circular breath practice involves sitting in a meditation posture (even if it's in a chair), imagining each inhale flowing down the front of the body, filling the pelvic base, then flowing up the spine on the exhale, the breath energy tumbling over the tongue (which is placed on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth), which reconnects the breath down the front of the body again on the next inhale.

As you breathe this circular breath, gently try to deepen the inhale and exhale each round. This improves relaxation and increases the detox of CO2 out of the body. Scan the body as you breathe, and allow any clenching or tension to release more and more with each exhale.

To learn more meditation and circular breath practices, try one or more of these links:

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