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Relax and Play Time!

Gifts for you and your loved ones, wheeeeee!


Do you have

childhood trauma

you're ready to clear?

Enjoy relief, freedom and more personal power this month as we rewire mind, body and spirit with the infinite love and fulfillment of True Self.

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Which wound 

wants to be resolved?

Was your wound with family, bullies, adult caregivers or some other situation? 


What would it be like if your inner child got the loving presence and care that you needed?  



If you:

  • have been to 3 therapy appointments but it didn't work for you

  • cannot afford therapy

  • don't want to go the therapy route


LIFT healing may be perfect for you.

I'm Maya Gail Taylor, a life-coach, practitioner and healer for over 3 decades.  I've helped many with childhood wounds to find permanent relief.


What People Are Saying


What to Expect

Each week, we'll start with a 20-minute introduction, followed by a mind-expanding guided healing meditation.  There will be time for Q&A at the end.

In this 3-week workshop, enjoy relief, less stress, more energy, more personal power, more choice and more access to your Inner Guidance.

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How to Participate?

1.  Click a button to choose a Patreon Subscription or Paypal Donation.  

2.  Save the dates on your calendar.  You'll find the Zoom Workshop link in Patreon, in your Email Inbox, or by emailing at least 24 hours before the event.

3.  On the date, find a comfortable space with no interruptions. You may want to bring water and your favorite notebook.

What if I can't 
make it at that time?

That's ok, replays will be available for at least one week after the event.  Watch whenever is convenient for you. 

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As a thanks for becoming a Patreon Subscriber, you also get access to: 

  • Access to exclusive Patreon Posts and perks

  • Free weekly LIFTnibbles videos

  • SORTTing It Out Worksheet and sessions

  • All Monthly LIFT Live Zoom healing events and replays are included FREE as part of your subscription.  

Unbeatable Value

When you subscribe now you receive:

  • 3 Weeks of Group Healing Sessions - $150 value

  • Direct Q&A access each week - $180 value

  • Full access to the 20-video LIFTnibbles Library

  • VIP invitations to LIFT Live Events for the life of your subscription - FREE.

All for a price that YOU CHOOSE.

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Click a button below to get started: 

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