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Relax and Play Time!

Gifts for you and your loved ones, wheeeeee!

Bars Sessions

Would you like more relaxation, less tension, or more balance in your life?  Would you like a new perspective, a new "point of you"?

What if a Bars Session and weekly SORTTing It Out sessions could help?

During your Bars session, I'll use gentle touch on 32 points on the head that can help:

  • release any blocks and patterns that you want to release

  • open your life to new possibilities

  • access your deep inner knowing and expanded awareness

Worst case scenario, you will feel like you had a soothing massage. 

Money Back Guarantee - If you don't feel totally relaxed after your Bars Session, I'll refund all of your money less the travel fee.

Book your Bars sessions by clicking a button below:

Head Massage

60 Min @ You

Would you like to receive a delicious hour of having your Access Bars run?  Have Maya come to your DC-MD-WV-NoVA location. Valid within 90-minutes of Shepherdstown WV. 

1-Hour Session



4-Bars Discount

Pre-pay to enjoy 4 Access Bars sessions in the comfort of your own location within 90 minutes of Shepherdstown WV, and get a discount for each one!  

1-Hour Session:



60min @ WV

Relish the sweet support of having your Access Bars run at a location within 20 minutes of Shepherdstown WV.

90min Session


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